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Management of NDB

Petrodata Kazakhstan JSC is the Operator of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Operator’ functions include the following:

About Company

Idea of organization of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan has appeared as early as in 1997. At this time the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MEMR) has purchased server equipment and necessary technologies.

As long ago as at the end of 2002 MEMR concluded an agreement with the company Halliburton International Inc. about joint actions on creation of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Halliburton was selected as a partner because of the fact that its subdivision  Landmark Graphics Corporation was a developer of  Petrobank® technology the most widely used in the world. On the basis of solutions of Petrobank® such data banks were built in Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Great Britain.

Organization of corporate data banks
Indexing of corporate data
Architecture and equipment

Equipment is located in the Operational centre in Astana.
IBM eServer p5 550 model is used as a server ROBANK MDS. Server IBM System p5 550 Express represents modern generation of servers. The server is built on the basis of two 64-bit processors IBM POWER5+ with support of simultaneous multithreading for more efficient use of system resources and capability of applications, supports critically important applications providing high readiness and reliability.     

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Storage system Petrobank MDS

The National data Bank is created on the basis of integral technology of management of data and applications of Landmark company which implements secure multiple user solution for data storage with different concepts of access to data and applications including access on the basis of tables and Geographical Information Systems GIS.

PETROBANK MDS™ – solution for storage and management of the whole range of geological and geophysical data

Data access

Depending on type and system of data storage we propose several possibilities of access to stored information.  

PowerExplorer™software of Landmark company, it provides access to data loaded into the bank in table form or with the use of GIS interface. It enables to browse both catalogue and data, fulfill data unloading.

WEB portal of Petrodata Kazakhstan – provides access to catalogues of loaded data as well as data accepted for physical storage. It is designed for browsing data catalogue with the use of INTERNET standard facilities.

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