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PowerExplorer™ - is an instrument of data management of Geographical Information System (GIS) offering modern means of browsing and management of spatial and table data. It is adjusted in accordance with requirements of data administrators, technical specialists, data operators, geophysicists, geologists and engineers. In PowerExplorer the structure of open access is realized in which it is possible to integrate communication modules with data neutral to the supplier; owing to this the ideal environment is provided for on-line data analysis and more effective decision-making.  

PowerExplorer with tools of data integration from master data store, data base under project and corporate solutions will give the complete picture about data availability to expert groups.. The companies will obtain data access directly from their stores, at the same time risk of data duplication or damage is reduced. Data quality can be quickly estimated by means of special-purpose browsing tools Exploration and Production of PowerExplorer application.  

PowerExplorer technology represents three-tier architecture: data tier, middle tier of access and business-logic and tier of presentations. Its access is provided through Web-environment, therefore, the users receive reliable data access (in accordance with own access level) from ay computer. The newest Internet-technology ESRI designed for mapping and analysis of spatial data is realized in it.    

PowerExplorer proposes the following unique means: 

  • Access to Landmark data stores and GeoFrame projects
  • Intellectual import and export of ZGF files
  • Integrated card GIS ESRI
  • Integrated mapping of basic data from PetroBank, projects, stored OpenWorks, and GeoFrame data and corporate data
  • Open system: access from other applications is carried out through JDBC interface (analogous to program interface of API applications) 

System advantages  

Radical time reduction for data search  

PowerExplorer application provides general external interface which enables the users to define quickly location of data related to exploration and production of fields  (E&P), distributed through whole organization stored on different PetroBank objects or in Internet. Several mouse clicks result in forming request for these data acquisition and their import into interpretation applications. 

Reduction of working processes

Strong means of interaction of PowerExplorer application with main interpretation applications SeisWorks, OpenWorks, MagicEarth and GeoFrame provide smooth exchange between master data store and data bases under projects.

More efficient process of decision-making

Owing to simplification of access to data and tools of analysis and drawing up reports according to these data, PowerExplorer application allows to increase the efficiency of decision-making process.    

More efficient data management

Improved tools for preparation of requests in PowerExplorer give the possibility to control data quality to data administrators in the area of exploration and production of fields. Special-purpose browsing means allow to estimate quickly and effectively data quality.

Data accessibility

Generic and extensible architecture of Power Explorer provides integration of different data stores related to E&P. As a result the users will be better informed about data availability, there will be less probability to lose sight of one or another data. 

Having exit to Internet, all users in the enterprise will be able to see the same data complex.  

Capabilities of PowerExplorer system

Extensible and scalable means of data management

Having in its basis object-oriented extensible structure, PowerExplorer application provides scalable technologies in the area of E&P where it is easy to obtain access to different data stores.  External links are also realized to master data store PetroBank, data base under project in OpenWorks and GeoFrame, as well as to corporate data store of Landmark.   

Connection with OpenWorks

It provides means for display of several projects OpenWorks in one environment. Data from different projects can be brought to one map. The program enables to create extended requests by means of user-friendly interface accessible for users of any level. Access is provided to the following types of data: project information, wells, GIS diagrams and curves, results of well testing, directional survey, well paths with bed-boundary resolutions and markers, core data, etc.  GeoMaps tool is proposed for representation of nets, fractures, sets of points, 2D and 3D navigational seismic data.    

Connection with master data store

It provides access to different data stored in the main data base. There are special purpose tools for browsing all types of data on exploration and development of fields. Moreover, the program offers advanced means for forming requests on seismic data, such as data clipping and decimation. 

Access is offered to the following types of data: economical and geographical data, well, seismic data, production data and archived objects.   

Representation of seismic traces in SeisWorks

It enables to produce on GIS maps real seismic traces from any project SeisWorks.

Connection with corporate data stores (CDS)

Module CDS Connect corresponds to all requirements made to stores of corporate data:  creation, deletion and browsing data related to exploration and production of fields. Spatial data CDS are stored in the base ArcSDE (ESRI), and it is easy to bring them to one map with spatial data from other data bases. Besides, module CDS Connect proposes means of Reference Data Management and Advanced Data Transfer and it is launched from external interface PowerExplorer.  

Module GeoFrame Connect

It provides advanced means for forming requests for acquisition of information under projects, well and navigational seismic data stored in GeoFrame. Spatial data from GeoFrame can be brought to the same map that the data from Landmark base and other data stores.

Connection with Internet

PowerExplorer – is an application in Java language, which can be used and launched with the help of Web-browser. OpenExplorer users will appreciate the fact that in case of program installation in one work place it is possible to obtain access to it from any machine within corporation.    

Open system

Program interface of PowerHub Connectivity application allows external applications to obtain access to any connected data stores.  These communication facilities from different modules Connect meet safety norms, business rules and business logic. It is compatible with standard program interfaces of JDBC and Web-services compatible with SOAP.

Development Kit includes application as well as a set of documented well data, exemplary code and language synopsis.  

Advanced means for forming requests of instantaneous response

The program offers simple and strong facilities of navigation under data. Requests of instantaneous response are built according to dynamical principle, providing the users with necessary flexibility in obtaining maximum information from data. Besides, the user can easily form extended requests with the use of metadata proposing higher level of adjustment in accordance with requirements of corporation or separate groups in corporation. As a result administrators can form extended requests for end users.  

Representation of spatial data in E&P area

PowerExplorer is suitable for GIS maps (geographical information system) built with the use of the latest ESRI-technology Map Objects Java and ArcIMS enabling to display on one screen spatial data related to E&P, irrespective of the fact in which data base they are stored. The end users are provided with customary tools, buttons, dialogue boxes ESRI. The tools of spatial analysis, construction of base maps E&P and means of import and export are offered as functional facilities.  Improved "master" Area Of Interest Wizard allows the users to create geographical areas of interest and manage them. The users can deduce data from other sources to own images, such as shape files, ArcIMS maps, information layers ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial Layer.

Strong means of import and export of zgf files

PowerExplorer application reads zgf files directly to GIS map with display of initial colours and symbolism. The users can choose for import one or several pictures from zgf file.   

It is possible to export spatial elements (for example licensing regions, pipelines, wells, etc.) into zgf files in that coordinate system which is available in the image.

Construction of base maps

Module MapView in PowerExplorer application allows to construct base maps of average quality. The following formats of printed output are supprted: cgm, dxf и dgn.

Module Spatializer

Module Spatializer enables to transform spatial data from any store into shape-files or information layer SDE. Destination of Spatializer – provide movement in numerous data stores and extract spatial data from integrated layer..

This tool is extended with the help of

Prophylactic information about data condition

PowerExplorer has a tool of information about current condition of stored data. The users or groups of users (as a mechanism of collective work) can subscribe for receipt of automatic electronic notification about processes occurring with data according to which the request on loading was made. At present time this is realized for Master Data Store, and its structure provides extension owing to adding other data bases.      

Means of E&P data browsing for carrying out data quality control  

PowerExplorer application offers six programs for information browsing: Table View, GIS View, Chart View, Well Log View, Seismic View and Document View. The user can browse E&P data of any type in the appropriate program and control quality of these data. 

Requirements for software:
Oracle 8.1.7
JDK 1.4.1._02
Java Web Start 1.2

Requirements for hardware:
Client – PC, linux, Sun Solaris
Server – Linux, Sun Solaris 

Operating system(s):
Client – WindowsXP, Linux RH 7.2 or Solaris 2.8
Server – Solaris 2.8, Linux RH 7.2

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