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Idea of organization of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan has appeared as early as in 1997. At this time the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MEMR) has purchased server equipment and necessary technologies.  

As long ago as at the end of 2002 MEMR concluded an agreement with the company Halliburton International Inc. about joint actions on creation of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Halliburton was selected as a partner because of the fact that its subdivision  Landmark Graphics Corporation was a developer of  Petrobank® technology the most widely used in the world. On the basis of solutions of Petrobank® such data banks were built in Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Great Britain. 

The Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use of MEMR RK and NC KazMunayGas JSC were defined as responsible for realization of NDB from the part of the Republic of Kazakhtan.

As a result of undertaken efforts in 2003 within the framework of the industrial exhibition KIOGE-2003 nine companies signed contracts on entry into NDB RK within 7 years. In accordance with these contracts the companies subscribers undertook to transmit data on geological survey to created National Data Bank.   

On 19 October 2004, Petrodata Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company was registered by the Ministry of Justice the Charter of which defined principal activity – Management of the National bank of oil and gas data of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as rendering other services related to management of geological and geophysical information.    

On 20 January 2005, Petrodata Kazakhstan JSC signed Operational agreement with the Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use of MEMR RK which gave the status of the Operator of NDB RK to Petrodata. According to this agreement Petrodata assumed obligations on providing complete, efficient infrastructure of NDB RK including complete hard-wired solution, installation of program solution as well as development of all necessary procedures for operation of NDB RK. 

On 26 September 2005, Petrodata Kazakhstan JSC solemnly presented the Operational Center of NDB RK in the building of NC KazMunayGaz JSC in Astana city. This date is a date for commencement of operative work of NDB on data loading to the bank.   

For purposes of constructing complete structure of NDB RK it is planned to open Control Center in the premise of the Committee for Geology and Subsoil Use in 2007.


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