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The National data Bank is created on the basis of integral technology of management of data and applications of Landmark company which implements secure multiple user solution for data storage with different concepts of access to data and applications including access on the basis of tables and Geographical Information Systems GIS.

PETROBANK MDS™ – solution for storage and management of the whole range of geological and geophysical data

PetroBank MDS™ provides digital catalogue on the basis of Oracle/TSM and electronic data store. It is a high-performance technology of data management providing optimal storage method of data and metadata arrays.

PETROBANK MDS provides simple and secure access to standardized information about exploration and production (E&P).  PetroBank MDS™  enables to find quickly and extract general information or information being a property by means of multiple user central data store. Expanded security facilities provide accurate access rights.     

The concept initially developed for needs of Norwegian consortium DISKOS lies in the basis of PetroBank MDS. DISKOS Group at first consisted of three Norwegian oil companies (Statoil, Norsk Hydro and Saga Petroleum), Mobil and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD). NPD is a governmental regulatory authority in the area of exploration and development in Norway. The purpose of DISKOS group is a considerable cost decrease of E&P data management in Norwegian sector, and at the same time the improvement of access to these data by means of allocation of the national archive of basic geological and geophysical data in the store with simultaneous access of many users. PetroBank controlled by PetroData company provides foundation for this store.  

PetroBank MDS provides environment in which E&P specialists can allocate general and own data as well as have access to it and change it. Multiple user core of system provides reliable environment for archival data storage in the central archive. Great number of degrees of protection secures against unauthorized access to data belonging to other clients of the bank.  

Data objects are accessible through metadata indexes (Index Data Base) in which attributes of each object are defined. Attributes include both information attributes, rights of property and use and technical attributes – such as parameters of allocation in storage system.   Data integrity in PetroBank MDS is ensured by observance of strict procedures guaranteeing data quality in the process of their loading in the archive. 

PetroBank MDS operates with archival data having different digital formats. Data unloaded from the bank can be transmitted through network to client working stations or be copied to physical medium for sending to the client. Moreover, data can be loaded into different E&P applications.  

Index Data Bank is implemented by means of Database Management System Oracle.. Data model POSC Epicentre is realized in Index Data Bank. PetroBank MDS uses part of version 2.0 Epicentre covering subset of model necessary for mapping the whole range of archival data. Data model is realized on Oracle Relational Database Management System. 

PetroBank extends Epicentre for support of additional interrelations. The main area of extension is control of access to individual data objects and rights of their use. These changes correspond to rules of POSC extension and structural division and they were approved by POSC.  Epicentre extensions carried out in PetroBank are regularly reported to POSC for inclusion into Epicentre.  

Bulk Data Store is realized with the use of different technologies: summed seismic, field and presummed seismic traces are controlled by means of special-purpose modules; storage of logging curves is controlled by Recall package.     

PETROBANK MDSsupports storage of the following types of data: 

  • Field and presummed  seismic data (2D & 3D, ground-based, marine)
  • Summed seismic data (2D & 3D, ground-based, marine)
  • Seismic survey and geometry data (i.e. navigation)
  • Seismic velocities
  • Registration data and processing parameters
  • Data of well heading
  • Logging curves
  • Infrastructure data (boundaries, pipelines, contours of fields, etc.)
  • Data of licenses (including historical information)
  • Files formed at working stations
  • Any data in electronic form, for instance files in formats  Word, PDF, BMP, TiFF and others, which can present scanned reports, images of core, map, etc.
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